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Liste des chorées.

"Maîtrisez d’abord la technique, oubliez-la ensuite et soyez naturel". (Anna Pavlova)

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Mes chorégraphies sont là et le top 100 de 2014 - 15 ici

Art Cow Dancers - Partner - Lucky Lude Country - Fun Country
Country Hot Médoc (Gironde): étés 2014, 2015 2016 2017
Musiques (écoute) Lexique des pas

Danse "Irlandaise" country ou non country ? Suivez donc ce lien !

1 ... - A B C - Cm Cn - Cz
101 (One O One) (i) Video
2 Hell And Back Video

A B "L"
Achy breaky heart (i) Video
Addicted To Love Video
All about a woman Teacher démo Trad.
All Keyed Up Video
All Over Again. Vidéo
All Shook Up Video
Alligator Rock Video
Amame Video Petit plantage
An absolute dream Video Trad.
Annie's waltz vidéo Trad
Askin' Question Video

Bad Things (L) (i) Video Trad.
Bad Things (P) (i) Video Trad.
Ballymore boys Video
Bandido's last ride Video
Beautiful Day Vidéo
Beginner stroll Video
Billy Dance (P) Video
Black Coffee Video
Blue Bayou (partner) (i) Video
Blue Bayou dreams (i) Video Trad
Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp Vidéo
Boot scottin' Boogie (i) video
Border Line Crazy Teacher Demo
Bounty Video
Bread & Butter Video
Bruises Video
Cabo San Lucas Video
California Blue Video
Canibal Stomp Video
Caught In The Act (i) Video trad
Celtic connection Video
Celtic CT Video K3
Celtic Kittens Video
Cha Cha Del Rio (P) Video
La Chapelloise (M) (i)
Charleston Bump (P) (i)
Cheyenne Video
Chica Boum Boum
Chippin' Away Video
City Of New Orleans (i) Video
Closer Video
CMR Rah Rumba Video
Coastin' (i) Video
Colorado Girl (line) Teacher Demo
Colorado Girl (Partner) Teacher Demo
Come Dance With Me Video
Cotton Eyed Joe (M)
Cotton Pickin Morning Video
Country 2 Step Video
Country as can be Video
Country Road
Country Walkin' Video
Cowboy Boogies Video
Cowboy Charleston Video
Cowboy Madison - Vidéo
Cowboy Strut Video
Crying for you Video
Crop circle (i) Video
Cucaracha Video
Cut a Rug
D. H. S. S.
Dancin' Cowboys
Darlin (P) Video
Disappearing Tail Lights Video Trad
Do The Line Dance Video
Down in the Island Video
Down On The Corner Video
Driven Video
Drowsy Maggie
Easy cha cha (i) Video
Easy come, easy go Video
El Paso (P)
Electric Slide (i) Video
Everybody Knows Video
Fais Do Do (i) Video
Fell Like A fool
Fisher Hornpipe
Flobie Slide
Free and Easy Video Trad
Free and very easy
Galway Girls (i) Video Trad
Get Reel Video
Ghost Train
Gypsy rosa li Video Trad.
Gypsy rosa li Partner Video Trad.
Go cat go Video
Go Mama Go Video Traduction
God Bless Texas Video demo
Good Time Video
Gotta keep praying Video
Ground Zero
Grundy Gallop
I J - K L
Hearts And Flowers
High on a mountain top (i) Video
Home To Louisiana Video
Honky tonk
Honky Tonk Stomp
Hooked on Country Video
Hooked on Country Partner
Hot Tamales
I Told You Video
If You Think It's Over
Irish Stew (i) Video
Islands In The Stream Video
Islands In The Stream Partner Video
It Looks Like Pain teacher demo
It's a Country Thing
Jailhouse Creole Video
Jambalaya (i) Video
Joana Video
Jungle Freak
Just a Minute

Kill The Spiders Video
Knee Deep Video
Knee deep for two Video

Leaving Of Liverpool Video
Let's go dancing Video
Lilly Rose Video H L
Lilly rose for Two Video H L
Lindy Shuffle Video
Lips so close Teacher Demo
Little southern girl Video
Little Toy Train
Little wagon wheel Video trad.
Live, Laugh, love Video
Long Hot Summer Video
Looks Good (P) Video
Love 2 Cha Cha
Lover Please Come Back (P)
Lucky Star
M - N
O - P - Q R S
Make this day Video
Mamma Maria Video
Messed up in Memphis Video

Never Ever (i) Video
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem clip
Not Fair

Oldsmobile Teacher Démo Traduction
On The Line
Original Mexican Vacation

P3 Video
Pattycake polka (M)
People are crazy Teacher Demo Trad
Pick a Bale (i)
Pizziricco Video
Pretty Baby

Quarter After One Video

Raggle taggle Gypsy O Video
Rainy Night Video
Red Hot Salsa (P)
Rhyme or Reason Video
Rita's Waltz
Rock Around The Clock
Rock Around The World Teacher Demo
Rock Paper Scissors Video Demo V+
Rodeo Princess (P)
Roll in the hay Video
Rollin In My Sweet Babys Arms
Rose Garden
Rumba Stroll (P) Video
Saisis ta chance Vidéo H L
San Antonio Stroll
Sea shell (P) Video H&MC
Séminole Wind (C) (i) Video JA Trad
She gets me Video
Sister Jane Video Tai Phong
Skater Shuffle (P)
Ski Bumpus
Slapping Leather (i)
Some Beach
Something Fine (P) Video
Something in the water Video
Springsteen Video
Square shuffle Video
Stealing the best Video
Sugar and Paï Video
Sugar Kane Video Apple Jack
Summer Fly Video
Sweetheart Schottische (P) Video
The ... W Mes compositions :
T'morrow Never Know Video
Take Me Home Video
Talk is cheap Video
Tall T
Taverns time Video
Telepathy Video
Tell Me Ma (P)
Texas Waltz (P) Video AJ
Thanks A lot Video
That Don't Impress Me Much Video
Time to Bum Again
Toes Vidéo
Told you so Video
Trailerhood Video
Treetop Stomp
Turn it on cowboy Video
Tush Push (1977) (i) Video
Thelma & Louise 1991
Twist and shake
Two Beer For My Horses (P) Video Trad.
The belle of Liverpool Video
The Blarney Roses (i) Video V+ Trad
The Gambler Video V+
The Harverester Video
The Outback Video
The spirit video
The Sway Video
The Trail (i) Video Traduction
The World Demo (8'45)
Wagon wheel rock Video
Walking Video
Walkind Away Video
Wave on wave Video Trad.
Wayfaring Stranger (i) Video trad
Where I Belong Video Demo (4'25)
Where the wind blows Video
Western Barn Dance (P/M)
Whiskey Wiggle (P)
White rose Video
White rose for 2 Video


Annie's waltz vidéo Traduction
Crying for you Video
Free and very easy (Line)
Gypsy rosa li Partner Video Trad.
High on a mountain top (i) Video
Oldsmobile Teacher Démo Trad
Rock Around The World Teacher Demo
Square shuffle Video

Nous ne sommes pas pour la quantité ni l'élitisme mais pour apprendre et répéter correctement les chorégraphies.
Le tout, dans la bonne humeur.

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